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Update Friday February 11, 2022

The construction of the Damocraft 1750 is almost complete.

The wood package for the custom-made fishing rod box and custom layout of the entire boat, at the request of the customers Henk and Erik Westerhof, has been fully adapted and the upholstery of the wooden parts and the inside of the cabinets is in full swing.

Update Friday November 19, 2021

The Damocraft 1750 has since been returned from the painter where it was completely sprayed according to our paint system. This paint system consists of: 2 epoxy layers, 1 primer layer and 4 topcoat layers. The boat is then provided with a cool striping.

In addition, the Pega Damocraftliner 1800 trailer, equipped with multi-rollers, has now been delivered and the finishing process is now starting in our outfitting hall.

Update Friday 29 october

The entire hull is now ready and looks very sleek.
All welds are tested according to our own quality system. The fuel tank is pressure tested and provided with an approved pressure test certificate. In the meantime, the boat has been transported to our painter, where the boat is provided with our paint system.

It will be a real fishing machine!!

The boat has already been completely canceled on the inside and will be turned upside down on our boat cart next week to be completely canceled at the bottom. The boat is then turned back on the boat cart to weld and install the fuel tank. Before the tank is installed, it is fully pressure tested and provided with a pressure test certificate.
We will keep you informed

Update Friday October 1, 2021

The aluminum hull of the Damocraft 1750 “Osprey” has now reached an advanced stage.
The outer skin plates, which, like the bottom plates, have a thickness of 5 mm, are already present and the transverse trusses for the inner skin cladding are also already visible.
The rod box space has been fitted along with the fuel tank seats and floor supports. As always, all welds are checked through our internal quality system.

Update Monday September 27, 2021

The airframe is starting to take shape. The longitudinal trusses and transverse trusses have now been welded into the hull.

Update Friday September 17, 2021

We are busy welding the airframe of the Damocraft 1750 ”Osprey” W (widebody) and the contours are slowly starting to become visible.
See below the photo overview of the progress so far.

The cutting package has arrived!

On August 19 we already informed you that we are busy building a Damocraft 1750 ”Osprey” W (widebody). The cutting package has now been received and the first construction work can begin.
As with the construction of the Damocraft 2000 Bald Eagle, we will also keep you informed about the entire building process of this beautiful boat.

We are going to build a Damocraft 1750 ”Osprey” (widebody)

We are going to build a Damocraft 1750 ”Osprey” (widebody)!
Henk and Erik Westerhof are regular participants in the Dutch Zander National Championships and are ready for a new fishing boat.
After an exploratory market research, they finally opted for a Damocraft 1750 ”Osprey” console version.

The boat has a length of 525 cm and a width of 223 cm (widebody). Furthermore, the layout of the boat is completely custom and designed on the wishes of Henk and Erik. In short, the ultimate predatory fishing machine, which is motorized with a Suzuki 175 hp and the boat will be placed on a Pega Damocraftliner with multi rollers. 

We thank Henk and Erik for the trust placed in us!

Update Friday 14 May

Good news. The Damocraft 2000 Bald Eagle is completely finished! After going through a nice process, the building process is completed.
Enumeration process:
• design cutting package and build hull;
• installing transverse trusses;
• applying 5mm skin plates;
• fuel tank manufacture;
• various welding work inside and outside;
• installing cabling;
• applying 2 layers of epoxy paint and 4 layers of paint (by BVT Motorpaint);
• installing a fishing rod compartment and box;
• upholstering the entire interior and top;
• application of a custom made wrap layer (by Daisy).
Below you see a photo collage of the entire process up to and including delivery of our first Damocraft 2000 Bald Eagle.
We are very proud of this beautiful boat and are already looking forward to building the next ones!

Update Friday, March 26

The Damocraft 2000 has arrived from BVT motorpaint to continue finishing.

First, the PVC casing pipes are fitted from the future driver’s console and from the battery-compartment for the front roller. The PVC pipes are also fitted for eight pieces of rod tubes in the rod box. The fuel fill line is also already connected to the fuel tank and filling point. The fuel tank has a separate vent line to the side of the boat.

Next stop is the upholstery of the inside of the cupboards at the front.

Update Friday, March 12

The boat, with our fixed sprayer BVT motorpaint , is prepared by sanding the entire spraying part so that a good adhesion of the marine paint system is achieved.

After that, the boat is equipped with a 2-layer epoxy paint system in which a drying time of 40 hours is maintained between each layer.  After the 2 epoxy paint layers for adhesion and prevention of oxidation, the boat is equipped with 4 lacquer layers. With this marine paint system, our boats are excellently resistant to the heavy load on the water and the weather influences.

Update March 5 Damocraft 2000

The fuel tank has now been fitted with baffles
and all compartments of the Damocraft fuel tanks will have an access hatch for inspection.
The fuel tank has been extorted according to the regulations and provided with a certificate. The connection points for the suction pipe, filling pipe and the float have also already been installed. Next stop for the demo boat is the paint shop.

Update february 2021 Damocraft 2000

We have now completely cancelled the Damocraft 2000 Bald Eagle demo boat both on the inside and on the outside. Our boats are manufactured and delivered entirely under CE approval. The applied seawater-resistant aluminium for the soil has a thickness of 4 mm.

The skin plates have a thickness of 5 mm to prevent warping during welding as much as possible.

Update April Damocraft 2000

Because it is still very quiet with new assignments, a lot of welding work is carried out in between.

The Damocraft 2000 is starting to take on a serious shape. The (finished) welding work on the inside is 80% ready. After this, the interior walls can be installed and cancelled. The fuel tank seats and the layings for the decks are then also fitted.

Furthermore, the plan is to fully aflassen the outside of the boat which is rotated several times for this purpose. In the meantime, the (optional) fuel tank for the Damocraft 2000 has been carried out in prefab. An optional aluminium fuel tank is made of 6 mm aluminum and completely cancelled on both inside and outside. The tanks are equipped with lumps of bulkheads and per compartment the tank is given an inspection hatch so that all compartments can be inspected. The necessary connections to tank, such as filling point, venting, float and motor suction have yet to be fitted.

Damocraft supplies its aluminium fuel tanks with an extortion certificate. After the tank has been fully assembled, it undergoes a leak test by means of an extortion pressure in which the connection points are included. Each Damocraft aluminium fuel tank is provided with an extortion certificate.

Update February 2019

The welding work on our own Damocraft 2000 has been stopped for a while because of other assignments.

All transverse and longitudinal frames have now been installed and the skin plates of 5 mm have also been applied. The transit sleeves which are to be used for the transit of all the electrical cables etc., have been installed from the back to the console in the form of a square tube.

From the console to the point with 2 small tubes, from the left to the right by an aluminum tube, from the battery box under the rod box to the bow also an aluminum tube. This ensures that all cabling is safely in tubes and tubes and can be replaced very easily later on. The boat is now completely welded on the inside before being able to place the skin plates on the inside and the edge plates.

In addition, the tank, which is made of 6 mm aluminum, is also welded and pressed, to check for leaks.


The construction of the Damocraft 2000 “Bald Eagle” is progressing steadily. The hull is as good as finished. All longitudinal and transverse rafters have now been fitted. The skin plates must still be applied to both the inside and the outside, so that the boat can then be completely welded on the inside and outside. Then we start with the manufacture of the tank.

To be continued.

We have started!!!

The cutting package has been delivered and the first Damocraft 2000 ”Bald Eagle” is currently being produced. Above you can already see a small photo report of the first activities.

Of course we will keep you informed of the entire process.

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